How to Wick

A Quick How To Wick...

  • Always start by washing or sanitizing your hands
  • A Loose build is recommended for best absorption and capillary action, and helps to avoid a dry core, but experimenting is key to finding your personal preference
  • Start with desired amount of FogWick and twist between your fingers
  • Thread the FogWick through your coil(s), ensuring a loosely snug fit
  • Trim and Tuck your FogWick into the build deck, leaving an air gap directly underneath your coil to prevent overheating
  • Drip your favorite elixir onto the FogWick, and allow for complete absorption (time will vary depending upon which style used)
  • Some Styles may require a Break-In Period.
  • There is no definitive way to wick, this is just a help section for those looking for some direction. Experiment, try different styles, see what works best for you and your vaping preferences...


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