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100% Natural FoggWick!  Organic Cotton Grown in the USA, Gnome Tested, Gnome Approved!

Our Southern Blend is a 100% Natural Farm to Table Wick. Mechanical Processes Only! A Certified Organic Blend that Combines Excellent Capillary Action and Absorption. Everything about our product is American Made, right down to the labels and packaging. You get your choice of a 2 or 4 grams of Southern Blend Organic Cotton in every reusable and recyclable FDA Compliant Clarified Polypropylene Container. Keep in mind that the Natural Oils, Waxes & Pectin of the Cotton itself are still Present in this Product, Accordingly Please allow for Extra Absorption and Break-In Time on the First Use Only. The natural oils actually help maintain your e-liquid in the fiber longer than washed or rinsed blends but can also effect some e-liquid flavors in different ways, any issues are usually resolved within 5-10 puffs or for those who can't wait, try our Southern Blend Organic Bath style to avoid any issues. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Foggy Gnome stands behind our products and if for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will refund your purchase price, minus shipping costs. See for yourself the difference Foggy Gnome can make, try it today!